Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Have you seen him?

I love skate trips me, a day out with your mates shouting and skating what could be better! Last Friday saw a Jam organised by Pete G at Leicester lovely Boardroom, attendance was mandatory it was just a question of who was driving and where were we skating first. Turns out Gazz needed to go Nottingham for a spot of dogging so that was the driving sorted, as for the skating well we ended up having a wee roll on Gazza's ramp (Tricks included an axle stall swandive by Wayne!), then off to Botley Bowl (Proper good, I'm going back) and finally Pete G took myself and Wayne to another "middle of nowhere" mini ramp which was dubbed the Sex Ramp (I don't know why so don't ask!).

The Jam itself was a good laugh, not too busy but enought people to have a giggle. The bowl was schralped and Gazz's mate Nick pulled off a gnarly roll-in to headbounce. Luckily he's as tough as bus load of Polish Skinheads so he shrugged it off easy enough.

Top night, apologies for the darkness of pics again (I'm getting an extra flash so that should cure it). Cheers Pete and Boardroom owner fella (Top lad!). October is the next date for a jam up there, pencil it in NOW!

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