Thursday, September 07, 2006


Yup I'm orf. To the wilds of Wiltshire. The Badlands. Well bad inna "not the Deaner" sorta way...*sniff*. So gonna be rad tho. Even if Wyane knows where I live. Brace yerselfs for the Skate Shack (WITH Blender poster..).


SooOooOo I've had a few beers and some brandy, making what'll be me last post for while as t'internet will be gone in the move. Put away in some box somewhere with me collection of molluscs and llama jumpers I imagine. So to keep yer going here's a bunch of snaps from Joxas visit a week or so ago. He killed it and if you watch the Bolton Jam footage he's still fookin killing it. We had a blast tho, Zooport minis, Deaner sickness and street annahilation. Fuckin ruling weekend. He'll be in Cov Uni soon so punch him in the arm if you see him ;) Vicar gots it.

"Have that"

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Stevie Ritalin said...

daves frontside air wa sthe best thing ever. hats off to dave!!!