Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Winters on it's way so we've been back hiding indoors from the wet. Not the cold though, heated skateparks - pah. We've had a few trips to Newport recently, the snaps below are from the last trip. Gotta love the Grimport - dank nasty and never been changed since it opened! This was Spex's first visit and altho he's as blind as a bat in the darkness he still managed to kill it.

I had a brief visit to London aswell and caught the last of summer at the new Mudchute park. This place is small, fun and quirky and prossibly the best cure for a hangover! Whip rocked it out Borat to fakie on the wall which was sick considering that things whippy as a 99 with a flake, and he was hungover to hell and back!


whip skates like a monkey said...

wooo i like the shadow..proper spack legs!!

steptoe said...

thassa fuggin ting-ting ya cnut