Thursday, December 14, 2006

Up the Chute!

Yep we had another London trip the other weekend, mainly to check out the excellent Crossfire jam but also to have a wee skate while we could. We hit up the mighty Mudchute again for a fair few hours and saw Whip, which was a right giggle. Then we popped into MW2 for a few kickturns before hitting up the jam itself.

We arrived midway through the mini ramp carnage which was off it, missed the wallride comp cos we were being hardcore and skating the mini (WEST WILTSHIRE WHHHUT!) and apparantly missed Habgood ragging it up the side of the wall and back in with his meaty black sausage toe - get on geggsy. The handrail and the new Whale obstacle saw some crazy shheeeiiit n'all then we blagged a whole loada crap before buggering off home avec le chilrenknackered.

Cheers to the Mutt for being chauffer and some excellent dub cuts, Wayner for being Corpsey, Habgood for the blag (pint for you) and mostly Zac and the Crossfire peeps for putting on a raddun. Next year beckons....

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