Friday, April 13, 2007

Back once again with the renegade master

Me and Dave and the One Legged Stress Chicken hit the mean streets again. Sunny days, big cans of beer and a smile on our faces. Thats what you want in a session. We even bit the bullet and had a look at Bemmo's new "SkatePlaza". If you thought Milton Keynes was gay you ain't seen nothing yet ;) Still it should keep the block tweakers away from the Deaner with any luck.

We even discovered Poulet might have an eye for the camera, check out me snaps taken by El Pollo Loco!

Clicky on the linky for piccys as I can't be bothered to upload thumbnails and blah blah blah de blah.

Jazz Cat snaps:
Rockabilly Lein to tail : SERIOUS Wallridage : The stupidest thing I've seen him try : Blunted! Check the pop on this!

Babylon pics:
Fishyeye Feebs : Arty Feeble

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