Monday, July 09, 2007

One Of Our Own

Heretisen. My ill concieved, long un-awaited film for all to see.

Named by JimmyJimster, filmed by just about everyone, put together by meself.

I like to think of it as a "Post abstract excursion into the fallow years that surround skateboarders in their mid twenties". Or just a bunch of dicks on wheels fuelled by beer and the need to have a laugh.

In running order - The Steves (Mystery and Little Stevie Ritalin aka Joxa), Ginger Jimmy Jimbob McShorts, DLH nob'eds, Melon n Smell (EDGEEDGEEDGE), a whole bunch o'tweakers, some vert stuff, Speccy Handjob inna skeleton suit, Whippitio El Pissingobbio, two twats on wheels aka "The fast forward this bit" (Poulet and me then), Ginger Davey Dave McPlopplop, The End.

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