Thursday, August 30, 2007

Safe-one Waldron

Yep we wents again, so sue me. I'll keep how good it was to a minimum but it's siiick. Roaster of a day and as a bank holiday it were busy. Locals, people from London, a bunch from Brum who camped out in the carpark all ripping it. Even Bristol turned up! (av it Pigdog!)

Cheers to Hoodie for the mission, hows the toe? (And shoulder andddd..!), Dave n Poulet (Back in the country, back in effect innums).

Whippy tranny warm-up - Frock, piv and frontal wallrideotomy

Bigman Big Slams Hoodie tankin. Dai fsair, Street Dave kerflip.
Gnarstair wallrides .
??? Masseye front air (What yer can't see is the 5-0 setup UP the deep end before this. Sick). CRIIINDERRRR by Poulet the Clown, Brum fella BS Smith ooof.

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Simon said...

Pig Dog has HAD IT I reckon - here's my version of events: