Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"He's one of three twins...."

Me, Joe and Jesus had a hippy trip to Glastonbury last sunday. Bit chilly, too many rollergays but a whole buncha fun. Habgood even learnt a new trick, thats him up to 4 now...

Sweeper to warm up...

...then down to business - Noseblunt along and off into the bank.

Shot some footage on the digi stills thing with the fisheye, worked alright so expect some more.

Glaston-berrys from Scumtash on Vimeo.


sam said...

Ha, looks like Zombie Jesus on the video thumbnail.
Was that the first time you'd used the videocamera function? Seems to work well!

Frocker said...

Dude! Tech anyics from the messiah!

So stoked you're posting on this again, sweeper tails are sick and Joe's transfer over the volcano was awesome.


Pig Dog said...

Cor - bet you were cold!? Samo ripping the lines, Joe bashing the whole skatepark and who was that crazy street skater doing wallrides?

Glasto lights on till 11 apparently.

whip said...

jesus rules!