Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loving The Hate

Loving the Hate from Scumtash on Vimeo.

Got around to uploading the EPIC film the other night. A load of old cobblers filmed over quite a few years. No 3 chip HD Fully Flared Dolly trolly shite here.


themelon said...

i lost the copy stevo gave me.

Scumtash said...

Didn't I send yer a copy fella? Thought I did? Glad you liked it - think all yer stuff is Frocks old footage!

Frocker said...

Agh!!!! Been waiting the best part of a week to watch this!! So, so stoked mate, proper rad feeling to it and loads of radness - Dave's street lines in the last bit are rad!!

So made up with this dude, am now going to go out and rip in your honour.


Scumtash said...

Dude I have a copy for you here but I'm such a fuckin bell-end I never got round to sending it. I think I may keep it to bribe you to visit or come on a trip - reinvokation of Bent City?

Mark said...

Haha, no worries dude, I've not seen you in time fella. I'm just stoked to have seen it!

I'd be so up for another Bent City, but probably won't be able to do anything over the summer as I've a load of stuff already arranged - I'm sure I'll be down your neck o' the woods soon.