Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"I fookin hate it..."

For the 3rd weekend in a row I ended up venturing down to Kernow to enjoy some waves and skating, only this time I got to drag along Mr Happy Camper himself - Anthony "Hate" Dickinson. We hooked up with Whip and had a rare old time in Plymouth at the new Prime park where we filmed some rad shit, then promptly recorded over it the next day. Amatuers.

We took Smell surfing, which he hated, went to Tuckingmill, which he probably hated too and also Playing Place where surprisngly he had a good time, and I quelled my 15 yr demon and did a wack-ass rock on roll on the extension. All counts mind.

Good times and plenty of pasties. WIZARD SHIT.

Playing place overview. Sweep it.

Whip rock fakie with big hand.

Whip front disaster, the first one he did was sketchy even for him.

Smell front pivot while hating the graffitti, leaves, bmxers and everything else.

Can you imagine Morrissey as a hesher? Here you go. Smell tailblocks while covered in felt tip.

Oh and I went to check out Cheddar with the Kickturn Cowboys last sunday, super rad little park. This and Midsomer MURRDAAH = fun times...

Gaffer bricking it.

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Mark said...

Yeah! I had no idea you'd been heading down there that often! Sick that you ragged that rock and roll at Playing Place!

Sick photees too! A f/s disaster on that thing is unreal, well stoked on that - also hesh Morrisey is a ruler!