Saturday, December 18, 2010

Prime Time

We've been overdue a roadtrip for a while so did the wiggle down to Plymouth last weekend to hook up with Scott and Whip, picked up Mikey on the way and convinced Dougal to come join in the fun. Prime skatepark was the destination and much shredding was done.

No footage though even though I remembered to charge the battery I forgot to take it out the charger and put it in the camera. Shame that as I could have shown you Mike's rad 50-50 to heelflip out, Dougals monster nosegrind, Joe killing himself by moshing up and onto everything, Whip being sketchy Whip, Jesus being "that street dude" and new Newport kid Tom taking the piss in the ramp room. You'll just have to make do with these shitty pics instead.

Crew shot.

Sam ollie from 1/4 to fs wallride.

Street dude does street things - kickflip from kicker to anchorbanker.

Scott can officially do Dad slashers now.

Joe takes a break from driving everyone else up a wall to get himself up one.

Barbie elbow pads, xmas shopping and backtails. A whole day of excitement for Dougal.


Frocker said...

Sick photos dude! That wallride trasfer that Joe does is amazing!

Prime looks like loads of fun, well pleased that he's stuck another Anchor Bank in there like Flastspot!

RSA Course said...

In the last picture, I can see the gorilla looking like a child so envy of your skates... Oh, maybe because he's holding a bone instead of a banana... great tricks by the way... -Robbie

Piper Blurred said...

Nice photos dude. I'm following. I love skateboarding! :D

AnneG said...

Plymouth looks so fun. My son is trying to get into trick bike riding? I don't know much about it but I'm looking into getting him this bike

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