Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bits n bobs

In between changing nappys and attempting to sleep I chucked together a bunch of stuff thats been lurking on my hardrive. Few hidden bangers, few "alternate angles" (ha!) and a lot of fun skating.


Frocker said...


Have you done a baby??!!!

Rad video dude! That new place in Bristol looks hecka fun.

Scumtash said...

Haha yep! Rhys Sydney Downton is a month and a bit old now dude and is awesome, and keeping me awake most nights ;)

When we going to see your Gothy face again anyways?

Frocker said...

Thats so rad! Well stoked for you both! Haha, he should start to settle down a bit now though eh?

Will be down your way next year around May/June time as have no time off until this April - well looking forward to it though!

Scumtash said...

Aye he's getting better everyday!

May/June, blimey. Come visit Joxa one weekend dude and we'll go Crust ramp or something.

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