Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mean streets

Another year rolls around and I find myself back in London for the Whippers birthday, and yet again it was a right laugh. Apart from the nightbus struggle. Whips moved to some void between London proper and "The place of no transport". He's got a nice place tho. And I had fun no matter how grumpy I seemed at 4.30am lost on the streets of Norwood!

Cheers Whipper, t'was ace and the sight of you sans shirt getting in there with the sweaty punks brought a tear of joy to my eye.

As for schralpage we hit up some crazy metal Croydon park on the friday ON THE MUTHERFLUCKIN TRAM YO. Oh the Wonder of Wandall park with it's abusive rock throwing children. Saturday was rad as we went to Kennington which was a newey for me, and apart from the big ol puddle it was siiiick, get in there Zissou. "Hey Surferboy I take champagne". And there was even a BBQ with proper sausages, high living indeed. Stockwell was next and yeah it's startin to crumble already, and it does seem slower but it's still one of the bestest. Then we all toddled off to watch the Ghurkals have it in the Grosvener before I copped out early to avoid the nightbus hell! Hehehe...

I took some pics too, click thumbnail for bigger (And pray it works!)

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