Monday, June 26, 2006

Santa Booze "on tour"

No, not the big hairy fella with the presents and reindeers. The full pro Santa Cruz skate team have been visiting our isles for the last week or so doing what they do, except at the Deaner where they mostly did nothing. Still me and Arthur had a rad day out down there getting pished and eating ice cream. Skateboarding eh, jumpers for goalposts n'that.

Me n Reg and the nippers managed to hook up with them a few days later in my hometown of Porthcawl of all places. Seems that PADS skatepark has had a new mini installed and what a beaut it is. Winters are going to be alright again. The whole team, and surf team were staying in town and from what I gathered had an almighty party the previous night so most of them weren't really on it, still we got to see Moul blast a few tricks and I finally got to see the Greg Nowick Mini-Ramp Monster unleashed in the flesh, he even managed to give Crazy Phil a fright. Lots of people came and lurked, Newport was in the house and a contingent of Shiner's finest also made it up. It was good to hook up with the Porthy "kids" (not kids any more tho!) and some old mates too. We also managed to stop by Chepstow on the way home.

Happy days.


Maw said...

Bob you complete bastard. Cracking photos, especially the one of me. Who was that hot chick with the nose ring and the army hat?

Peace. Maw

jamie said...

Sweet. Those photos are beast, particularly Alex Moul's stalefish. See ya round

ant said...

iasgfdiufosfd!! that fuckin japan is sick i'm gonna 'urt myself trying to bite them gnaw gnaw gnaw!! Nice peectures Bob... hahaha i can see roller gayders dressed as girls in that pic of the fs ollie haha froots.