Monday, July 10, 2006

Shaka shaka bruhda

Yeaaaaaaaaah brooooooooo. *cough* back in the sea last weekend, was rad good fun. A friday eve blast down to Croyde with Mr Hoodie (and his bargain tent!), some pints, a hilly picturesque campsite and a few hours sleep and we were up for a dawn session at Putsborough. Felt so good to get in the water and get a few waves, plus I didn't suck as bad as I thought I did!

A few hours kip in the Bent City approved tent afterwards set us up for a trip into Braunton where we found the bowl still full of sand. Now get this - the local council let the locals build this bowl then decide not to insure it and put big bags of sand in to stop anyone skating it?!?!?! How does that work? Braunton Council you are fucking retarded. We discussed this in full length in JSurf skate shop, visit here if you can - they carry a full range of sick Skull Skates stuff, and also a big rack of 70's shapes that would make Wayne-ur cream his little frilly knicks....

A pasty later we're heading back for the second surf of the day, bit bigger so our arms really feel it this time. Still good fun and Hoodie didn't manage to smack his face off his board this time! We stopped by South Molton skatepark on the way back but were too knackered to fully have it, still worth a visit if yer passing (It's by the Somerfield if yer wondering...took us a while!).

Cheers to Terry Butcher for driving, hope my inane babble didn't bore yer.

Oh skatepics? Oh alright then - here's a chicken in a silly hat doing some trick or other. (Yabba yabba Hengrove what?!?!?!)

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