Thursday, July 13, 2006


Checked out a new park t'other night in the wilds of Wiltshire in a lovely little place called Corsham. "Well fuckin posh" according to Poulet who is allowed to use that sort of language now he's been in The Sun.

The park itself was a bit wierd, crete at least, with flatbanks of DOOM. Still quite a giggle really, worth a look if you are in the area but really not worth the reported £90,000 spent on it. Blakedown must be minted charging that, they might get it right soon too if we all keep our grubby fingers crossed.

We did some stunts, checked out Jackos rad homemade tee, made up some new tricks (Dilton Sliiiiide) and larfed at the clueless Local Rag Photographer (Pure brilliance, all you expected - pics of kickturns and not a clue what was going on. Comedy gold without trying. Watch out for Sean Goff appearing in the Bath Chronicle soon!)

I even finally landed a layback. Oh and a Pendulum. Stoked :)

Top - Dave big ol gnar wallride / Joe Nosepick..sorry whatever.
Middle - Local Tre flip BOOM (Dawg) / WAYNE-UR YOUR TEAS READY!
Bottom - Bawby Laidback pic by Muttley (Cheers!) / Hablobridewallgood.


adrian said...

we can lay back together now!

Scumtash said...

Oooh is that a promise big boy?

I've got the trousers if you want to pull them up!