Monday, July 17, 2006

Sweet Home Shamabama

Gah. Overdoing it is fun. Especially in the sunshine having a laugh. We spent our saturday back at two of Wiltshires finest village/town fairs (Fayres? Ah whatver). Oh yes - we know how to party.

Trowbridge "Beach party" was first, lot of people in a field with some sand. Badass. Luckily there was something to skate there, well sorta. It was a bit sketchy to say the least. Still we had fun, the food was amazing - Poulet's curried mutton and my morrocan meatballs were both pretty sweet.

After this we headed off to Melksham who were having a bigger party, very big infact. We got stuck on the main street during the procession on the way to the skatepark. Lots of people not wanting to be there, some pretty iffy costumes (!) and a few orange aliens. Small towns eh.

The skate we had was rad, there was a small music tent next to the mini ramp so we got to rip it up to the sounds of some local Emo/Metal band. Full session "in effect". About 8ish we all went to see the Mighty Muttley play a fine pub rock gig of many wonderful covers. Some people weren't too impressed, others were hoping Slayer were going to turn up. We's liking Sweet Home Shama-bama and Rockin in the Freeworld. Rockstar dad. Literally - we were left with the little monkey Ben while he went bananas - totally Haribo free aswell! It was hilarious up until the beer started getting knocked over, which was still pretty funny in itself.

A late night mini ramp session started up again then, Poulet was loving it - lambrini, Drum n Bass and a fun ramp. Rave Scene inna Zanzibars. We skated till darkness and moseyed home absolutely knackered, the crew was TIGHT YO, cheers to everyone for always being up for having a laugh, stupid shit like this is what makes great days better!

Fuck that was a bit soppy wasn't it?

TOP: Handjob pivotal moment / Crackfrontsiderock
MIDDLE: Boyo tre tha hip / Joe front dee low t'hiiiiiiigh
BOTTOM: Nick the Swindon Rocker slash and grab / Poulet floats one to fakie for Fabio n Grooverider

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