Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ta ta chickenlegs (again!)

So Poulet is off again for another 4 month jaunt to exotic climes. This time it's New Zealand for some snow brucing, cold water surfing and probably breaking himself on the crete parks there.
We had a bit of a farewell skoot for him last weekend, and in true Poulet fashion he got hammered the night before then disapeared back to bed before everyone arrived for a roll! Brilliant.
Still it was a larf and I got a few "radical" snaps.
Have it CrackRock! Mind them sheep mind!

Jimmypopperpopping // Other twinner flippin out

Crayton ollied a Whale // And showed off his melons

Even MikeyYo turned up and crooked the BIG box. He's still got it!!

1 comment:

poulet said...

i must hasten to add that I was in the park from 12 - 1530 and no one turned up till afters...and yes I was completely smashed