Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We are all old men.

Saturday saw another trip to the east midlands for another Boardroom jam, this time I convinced a load of not MAS people, including BarryMongChops, to come along for a rip up.

I'll let the pics do most of the talking but shit went down bigtime. No pic of Habgood's back disaster on the vert wall, or him and Joxa hitting up the sub box, or Johnners just generally styling it about. Proper funny tho, and I got to smack Joxa in the mouth afterwads. Wish I'd gone on and partyed now.

Frocker Grip art :: MongChops roll in and sweaty sweaty front grind on the vert wall.

Josef Stinkbug bowl transfer :: Whip wallride thing out of the piller into ramp :: Mongchops monging front rock
Frockers cardiel inspired lipslide round t'corner :: Mongchops beats himself up to tail :: Habgood ollie out to wallride to scare Whip.
Two proper moments of madness - Habgood out the bowl, up the wood, wallride and Joxa piv fakie on the extension. Sickness.


Pig Dog said...

Looks like a rad sesh...

I missed a goodun' eh?

Alex said...

Nice pics Bob, that looks like John(MillerFlip)Langton in the background of the Habgood stinkybug pic.

Mark said...

Sick pics Bawb! I was so stoked to see Whip make the impossible wallride/transfer thing - Can't wait for the next one!


Johners said...

ohh yes i did get the scumtash getting twated by handjobs board...
it will be in a video coming blog shitting soon..BOOM