Monday, December 08, 2008

"We got ourselves a convoy...."

This weekend saw a relocation of Bristol transition terrorists to Rampcity skootlepark, Blackpool for the day. Not to paddle in brown water or drink in neon hellholes, but to sample the deeee-lights of the re-homed Simparch bowl and fullpipe. There is a huge skatepark there but I don't think I left the bowl room execept to grab a bacon barm.

Sick session, big gay forum bumoff ensued too - Frocker, Joxa, Rogie and even Zoro turned up. Radness. Same again after Xmas anyone?

Sam deep t'shallow slashIup.

Joxa grabbygrabby.

Jesus does rad smiths.

Melons, we gots yer melons. Bear Melons.


Rad rad day as I've said, nice one to all who came along and made it a riot. Captain Pigdog will have an edit up at some point I guess but for now check out Tims flickr collection of professional job pics.


Anonymous said...

Best day in bloody ages, cheers to everyone who made it such a blast!
Even some of the little kids were rad.


Mark said...

Super good session, hope I don't have to wait another 9 months to see you guys again!

Haha, well stoked you posted these up - Cheers for getting that pic!


Scumtash said...

Shame thats such a jank pic tho, next time I won't be so excited and get a good shot!

Such a rad day though, was it really 9 months?!?! I'll be doing Cov before you leave then I think!

All I can do is front boards said...

Holy CRAP, you must have shut down the whole SCENE up there in the north. RAD SICK RADNESS!


Trawler said...

Just to say hi. i finally found you. your mind is a garden!


Scumtash said...

My mind is a poorly tended vegetable patch.

Stevie Ritalin said...

soups on...