Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eeeek - an update!! Me n Dave bunked off (Well less of a bunk off for me due to no work) and went to Newport bowls. It was rad and Rick made a special guest appearence. Faackin tearin splews.

You won't believe how long it took him to do this slasher. It was somewhere between "fuckin ages" and "infinity".

Must have been a good day, even I got a trick. Over "t'tail".

This was proper Daddy Gnarbuckles. Front rock where front rocks shouldn't be done. Jazzcat wins again.


All I can do is front boards said...

Looks like you CRAZY kids were living the X-T-REEEM DREAM, Bendy Legged Board Bothering Bonanza!

zoro said...

Fuggin sick.

Scumtash said...

Zoro! He lives! How.Is.It.Roboto?

Capt. Jazz said...

Oh My was a bit of a mas moment with the front 5's....I admit I was lameing them out virtually every time! Newpaaart is rad though- Next time we should go with more than 3 people, my legs were fooked afterwards.....2 people and one big park dont mix! ha ha