Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Dame provides

Deaner day was with us again this year, and as usual it went off. Sun, beer, BBQ and the po-po all combined with awesome effect. I decided to get arty in the "blog war" with Jim and these here snaps are the outcome.

Yes Porno was there. Yes he was this excited all day // THE GAFFER IS NOT A CRIME

The Captain maintained this pose for about half an hour, then rolled off and did a flip! // Sams rad board thing. Hooray for drummers.

Joe had to look after this care in the community dude all day so he could be allowed to go off to Oz. Have fun cuddles!// FUCKIN METAL. (Who was this lot?? They did infact rule).

Ben came down from Skeg to visit the MOTHERLAND, then cranked this fuckin sick 5-0 on his first trip down the Dean. // One of the yankees did a BS Flip while I took a shite picture of it.

DOUBLE ACTION - AJ flaps one over while Jerome spins to win. // Dave did his frontside thing. NO FENCE GRABBING MIND.

Everyone was stoked on Franks BS boneless, none more than Frank himself who celebrated with some meat in a bap the same size as his head.

Surreal moment of the day - Jereme Rogers fully wiggered out skating the Deaner. Anorexic Christian Hip-Hop aside this Nollie heel bigspin was fuckin sick. No Sheckler mind.....

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