Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Nicky Howells is a rollerblader"

On what was probably the first sunny, warm day of the year we took a little trip up to the new(ish) Hereford park. This one's another step up for UK park makers - a whole heap of fun street type stuff, a serious pool (which I have issues with) and 2 new bowls, one of which is easily on a par with the Pacific NW parks (i.e. it's farkin massive). Nice one Wheelscape. Get yerselves up there.

Habgood bet Nicky Howells he could do a kickflip up the wembly gap in 10 go's and if he did Nicky had to film a rollerblade section. He did it and we're still waiting...

Ghetto vid us usual featuring Jesus, Habgood, Frank, Beanhead, Nicky Howells and 2 old duffers who should know better.

HAIRYFORDS from Scumtash on Vimeo.


Pig Dog said...

pribb! pribb! pribb!


I like your comparison to the US. I know you're extremely accurate so have full trust innit!

Get up for the 3rd 'n all Bob! Bob Pribble!


Mark said...

That place looks superfuntimesradlove. Really have to get down and skate that pool!!

Rad stuff as always matey.