Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to the batcave

Serious flashbacks last week with a trip down to Cornwall and a wednesday night session at Mt Hawke with Whip and a bunch of Cubert and Newlyn East boyos. Proper good laugh, the park has changed a lot since I was there last - gone are the £2 all day sessions and sneaking the pikeys in the firedoor, say hello to a bunch of new minis, a monster vert and helmets (For a few minutes at least).

As usual I had too much fun skidding and slashing about so got the bare minimum of footage to really constitute a blog post.

Whips old mate Peanut hadn't stepped on a board for a good 5 years, it didn't show. Check the back foot - proper job. RnR on the extension.

Whips's got it all - stupid facial hair, wonky legs and a retarded facial expression. Nice one badger. Front rocker.

The Mountain of Hawke from Scumtash on Vimeo.

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crenimugil-labrosus said...

Nice Frocker from Whip, it is him isn't it and not Jason Lee?