Monday, April 12, 2010

"Frankie is well ghetto innit"

I hate being ill, missed a week of sun and surf coughing up green shite. Last time I'm swallowing water from Rest Bay (probably not).

Did make up for the lack of excitement by dragging the boyos over to Keynsham on sunday to dodge annoying skooter kids and do some timed laps of the new park. Stole Peek's posh camera too and got a bunch of sequences, lotsa fun.

We also had a short but sweet shred at the Easton mini where Habgood found the stupidest drop-in ever. Next time - no crash mats.

Click for biggun
Click for biggun

Habgoose ollie out to truck bash for the Dad Bench.



sam said...

hahaha, I can only imagine the hilarity at Joe's monster drop in. If we go back there I'll pay him to do it again.

Scumtash said...

Ha, that was infact his second go at it, he stayed on longer that time!

Might go back sunday, love that ramp...