Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2nd Home...

I'm not talking about a little cottage tucked away in West Wales either - we hit up The Ripped again this weekend due to the Liverpool Artfag bowl being run by artfags and henceforthwith being shut still. Bummer.

Still The Ripped wasn't a bad second choice, infact it was a killer session. Bristle was in the house thanks to driver extrodinaire Pigdog, Gnarly Neil and Wes who let me and Habgood squeeze in for the ride. And we got to introduce them to Car-e-oke n'all...fun. Scott and Johnners also headed up from London and stopped to pick up the sweatiest man in the UK - Joxa. To be fair he did smash it so the sweat was all earned. Oh and it was a bit of a birthday skate for me and I got the bestest t-shirt from Johnners, I'll try and get pics of it - cheers tho Iggy. Scott also distributed his brand new fancy ass zine - Lizard in a Labcoat It's sick so if you see Becker out and about peddling furiously then stop him and nab one.

Right here be dem pics.

Should I have saved this for the Tash?Johnners gittin oop dere//Sweatsweatsweat Front Piv//Ronny Calow blunt on whippy thing, I'll have some Hewitts sample size if yer reading Aiden ;)

YES CAPTAIN!Mighty Pigdog crail PUFF IT!//Sweatysweatsweater 5-0 from way way back there//Joe was so stoked on this he thought he was a boxer - "Undefeated!!"

And as it was me Birthday skate we had to do some birthday drinking so we got dropped off at The Bell where drink was drank and stupid glasses were worn. God bless Poulet, every pic of him is pure comedy gold.

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Pig Dog said...

Yes Bob! PD straight in there with the first comment!

Rad park - rad sesh - rad pics!

What is going on with my face in that pic!?!? More melting gurn than puffer!

Gearing up for the next 'un too! I'll keep my crappy tunes in the car for CAR-E-OKE!