Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've been too busy flying around the US to get any posts on here.

Well sort of.

Meself and the Peek have just returned from an amazing 2 week trip out to Vegas and Seattle. There'll be a load of stuff going up over the next week or so, including pics from my skateday out with the Seattle OMA locals. Nice lads they were n'all ;) The legend that is Dan Hughes was snapping away all day so for now scope out the pics from his perspective here. Cheers all for a sick day out!

I'll be back with skate stuff and touristy style snaps shortly, but here's a peach of a ditch we found just off the side of the road in Boulder City that ran for miles. Thats Lake Mead in the background, and if I'm going to retire anywhere it'll probably be here with a nice cruisy longboard.

click for biggy

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