Tuesday, July 08, 2008


...ah been gwan on.

Yeah lots of errr...stuff has been happening. So thats why theres been no updates for bit. Well that and I'm trying to save pics for a new top secret Zine production with Gwildorian. Keep yer peepers peeled for that. Ssssh.

I've also re-done my old Boblands site as some sort of rubbish gallery of all my rubbish pics. Yeah yeah photoblog AND gallery site, I know. Check it out tho - there'll be stuff you've seen and some you haven't...

Me and Dave also checked out a bunch of fine rockin bands last saturday - Bristols own Los Imbasils and straight outta LA (And back from the grave!) The Morlocks. In amongst the sambuca and ale haze I snapped a lot of pics but due to the aforementioned imbibement I also managed to set my camera to the lowest quality setting. Still I got a bunch of good snaps. I stuck a couple up below. Scope out the bands on the myspazzle and get rocking, the Morlocks kill it and will join you for a drink after. Good lads.

Los Imbasils "getting some" and The Morlocks bringing the house down.

Oh and we've been street skating in between the usual summer rain, I'm supposed to be filming but the vid cam has packed up. Heres a quickun from a recent mission tho - Jimmer nosesliding his sleeves off and stoking out local bike riders..

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